• Empowering Mothers to Become a Strong Influence in the Community

  • Who are Sapphire Moms?

    Is this you?

    They are influencers in the community.

    Sapphire Moms are women who seek to make a profound difference by being a positive influence to families and the local community by setting a good example of helping other people.


    What goes on outside the home, within the community, affects the environment our children live in. Caring for others besides ourselves leads to more social responsibility and awareness of important issues.


    Contributing time and resources to the

    Non-Profit Sector enables the continuity of purposeful pursuits.


    In order to empower themselves and their community, Sapphire Moms always continue their education which will help their own lives and the lives of others.

    Family Involvement

    Sapphire Moms encourage their children to also become a valuable member in the community by teaching the values of Philanthropy at a young age.

  • About Us

    Sapphire Moms are moms of all ages who come together as a group to enhance the local community. We work on projects and events in order to improve our surroundings. We help all moms who need extra support in bolstering the causes we care deeply about.


    There are no membership fees involved to become a Sapphire Mom. However, participation does require time and help in acquiring resources for the philanthropy projects.

  • Sapphire Mom Highlight

    Making a Positive Impact

    Cindy Caddel-Issac

    Ruby Ribbon

    A Sapphire Mother and Philanthropist


    “From what we get, we make a living. What we give, however, makes a life.”

    - Arthur Ashe


    As a mother, the balancing act between caring for children and tending to other responsibilities, is a task that so many moms work hard to accomplish each day. In the midst of daily routines and busy work schedules, this sought after balance can quickly grow to occupy a mother's entire lifestyle, leaving little to no time left for self-care, relationships and community involvement. Fortunately, there are ways that moms can have their cake, and eat it too.


    Cindy Caddel-Isaac is a Ruby Ribbon Leader and Independent Stylist. Ruby Ribbon is a fashion line where each piece in the collection is designed to smooth, hug, shape and slim a woman's body. Cindy is also the mother of two sons, ages one and three-years-old, epitomizes what having it all means as a working mother. On top of Cindy’s efforts in her role as a mother and in her career, she also has the opportunity to reach out to the community and give back. In return, this has given Cindy one of the greatest gifts of all - true fulfillment.


    Cindy joined clothing line company Ruby Ribbon in June 2015, with the primary goal to use its profits to earn more money, and purchase a home. Within weeks of joining, Cindy found herself involved in a fundraiser for a boy with a life threatening disease, as well as participating in a breast cancer fundraiser a few months later, all organized by the Ruby Ribbon team. “I got a chance to see first hand the type of women I was partnering with,” said Cindy. “It gave me such joy to have a tool in my life that I could use to give back, and make a difference. That’s when I decided to work that model into my business.” It was at this point, that Cindy’s life changed more than she ever thought possible. During the holidays that same year, Cindy had the idea to dedicate all her profits within a certain time period, to be donated to a family in need. “I let any customer who purchased from me, give me a name of a family who was in need, and why,” said Cindy. “I then picked one name at random, and used the profits to give them a wonderful holiday. It started with me, but turned into a community event.” When the chosen family was asked what they wanted for Christmas, they requested clothes and school supplies. Cindy posted on Facebook to find out if anyone was interested in making donations.


    “What resulted was something I could not have ever imagined,” Cindy said. “The entire

    community took the family under their wing. I had people going to Target to purchase new clothing and toys for the kids, spending hundreds of dollars to help them out. Every day I arrived home to new bags and boxes of clothing and toys for the family. It was unbelievable and quite frankly, overwhelming. It literally filled up my entire Family Room.” After delivering three carloads full of clothing and supplies to the family, Cindy met them at a local McDonald's which donated food to them all, while the kids played on the McDonald’s playground together.“It was an experience I will never forget. I am so grateful to be able to create experiences like this, and help people when I can,” said Cindy. “It’s just one way to give back, which is something

    that brings me great joy.”


    In addition to Cindy’s dedication as a mother, towards Ruby Ribbon, and helping others, Cindy is grateful for the opportunity to be a member of Playdate Connection, a Northridge based networking group for mompreneurs and busy parents to attend playdate events organized for parents to business network, all while their children play nearby. “Playdate Connection is an amazing program, no where else can you be a part of a business opportunity that includes your children,” said Cindy. “A mother does not have to choose between her kids and her business. It is so helpful to be able to weave in networking, while your children play.”


    Sapphire Moms was launched by Playdate Connection, a group of moms which benefits someone like Cindy, and other like-minded moms in the Los Angeles area who are business owners or "Mompreneurs." Instead of being business focused, Sapphire Moms are mothers of all ages and professions, who take their own initiative to start PHILANTHROPIC endeavors, and spread awareness about important information in their community.


    “I created Sapphire Moms after I started Playdate Connection in 2015,” said Playdate

    Connection and Sapphire Moms Founder, Michelle Arevalo. “I have met moms who are not business owners or have children too old to have a playdate. For Sapphire Moms, I want to reach out to ALL moms who desire to feel proud, and have a sense of fulfillment to make a difference in people's lives. The desire to help others will be passed on to their children, and future generations."


    Although finding balance between the numerous priorities surrounding motherhood, can feel as though spending time for self-care and in the community is a thing of the past, that does not have to be the case. For Cindy, she is proud to be a real-life example that finding balance as a mom,is indeed attainable with the right resources - and a heart which seeks fulfillment outside herself. “Giving back gives me joy and purpose,” said Cindy. “There is nothing wrong with making money, but it is also wonderful to help others who cannot at this point in their life. I was fortunate to have been given to in my past, and I love that I am now in a position to help in return.”


    Press Release is written by Xenia Moore of XM Public Relations.


    For more information about Cindy's business, Ruby Ribbon, please check out her website: http://www.rubyribbon.com/cindycaddel-isaac

  • Upcoming Events

    Become Part of the Community

    Let's Plan Our Next Philanthropy Project!

    at The Tea Shack in

    Woodland Hills, CA

    Sunday, February 19, 2017 from 2pm-4pm

    We invite you to this meeting to brainstorm some ideas of what kind of project we would like to come up with in 2017 which will impact the community.

    We will also have a chance to meet other people in the group who are interested in collaborating and making a difference.

    Our venue will be at The Tea Shack in Woodland Hills, CA. It is a nice beverage shop with delicious flavors from around the world.


    Click Here to RSVP:


    Check out this nice magazine article:

  • Ongoing Group Projects

    Always Looking for New Sapphire Moms to Help with Every Project

    Know Me Network


    We are happy to announce that Sapphire Moms will be helping the Non-Profit Organization called Know Me Network. Through art, music, and recreational activities the "Know Me Network" explores the creative nature of children and families living with Autism.



    We will be putting together an art supply drive for their big event on April 23, 2017 called, 4th Annual Art & Music Celebration for Autism. It will be held at the South Bay Pavillion in Carson from 12pm-4pm. The address is:

    20700 Avalon Blvd, Carson, California 90746









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